Forced ventilation system cleaning

Forced ventilation system cleaning


Cleaning of the ventilation system is mandatory!!

Fire Safety Act § 27, paragraph 1
§ 27. Equipment and installation requirements
(1) Avoid fire hazard and observe manufacturer’s instructions and legislation while installing, using, maintaining and inspecting the equipment and the installation.

Forced ventilation cleaning standard:

Standard and cleaning interval: Estonian Standard EVS 812-2:2014 „Building Fire Safety“

  • 1.1. It should be possible to clean the entire ventilation system including the aggregates without damaging the structures. The cleaning mode depends on the object, and, if necessary, it should be coordinated with supervisory bodies. The cleaning frequency shall be at least once a year. The interval between two cleaning procedures must not exceed 365 days.

Standard valid in EU: According to the EU standard: EN 15780

Standard valid in Finland: According to the Finnish standard. According to the requirements of the Finnish Indoor Air Classification 2008 (Sisäilmastoluokitus 2008) prepared by the Finnish Indoor Air Association (Suomen Sisäilmayhdistys) for the visual cleanliness class 0.0-0.1 gm2

The cleanliness of ventilation ducts directly affects the indoor climate.
The duct is considered clean if its dirtiness level is ≤0,4g/m2.

Why from us?

  1. We are the first company in Estonia who started to provide this service.
  2. We provide our service all over the Republic of Estonia and its quality is highest in this field.
  3. Our cleaning crews are trained and highly experienced.

As proof of this, we submit for the Client:

  • A Cleaning Services Act which has also jurisdiction for the Rescue Board.
  • We insist on the customer always to perform the post-inspection on site. The customer chooses freely 5 control points from the system.
  • Photos / videos of cleaning works are attached to each Act.

Our machine park is the largest in Estonia. We have invested in equipment over 200 000 €. Thus, we can handle even the most demanding ventilation system cleaning tasks.

How often?

In accordance with the regulations, it is necessary to perform the ventilation cleaning in public buildings not less than once in 5 years.

Ventilation cleaning is a part of the Self-control plan and the Fire prevention plan. These plans are required by the Rescue Board.

How do we perform it?

The ventilation ducts are cleaned mechanically by brushing, and using also specific solvents in case of demanding objects. The brush design of cleaning machines allows them to access both sharp angles and tight places.

With the help of the rotation direction changer, the brush will rotate to the necessary direction in the corners of the duct. To generate underpressure, we use effective underpressure machines with the output of 2 500-30 000 m³/h.

They are equipped with filters that also perform the function of dirt collection. Because it is not possible to lead the air exiting from the underpressure machine out of the building, the machine is equipped with a fine filter or a microfilter. The underpressure machine generates in the duct an airflow 15-30 m/s similar to a storm squall ensuring the full extraction of the brushed-off dirt.

Additional information

40% of the indoor air pollution gets into rooms through the ventilation equipment. The incoming air filters are frequently changed too seldom, and therefore the uncleaned air may flow in beside the filter.

The quality of the input air is lowered also by the dirt accumulating on the internal surfaces of the appliance during the manufacture, transportation, storage and assembly procedures of the equipment, which is a very good growth media for microbes.

By means of dust and other flammable materials accumulated in the ventilation piping, the fire will spread in the ventilation ducts with lightning speed through the whole building.

Studies of the American Allergy Institute have shown that 50% of all diseases are caused or exacerbated by poor indoor air, which in turn is a consequence of the failure to clean the ventilation system.

The inner surface of the ventilation channels is calculated to about 10% of the room floor area. If the floors are cleaned at least once a week, then the ventilation pipe, which is designed to bring us the vital fresh air, will in many cases not be cleaned during the entire service life of the building. Cleaning of the ventilation ensures a healthy working environment!

Recommendations of the Rescue Board about the maintenance and cleaning of the ventilation system for the Client.