A reliable partner

Asbeko Air OÜ was established in 2011. The company grew out of the family business Asbeko OÜ, which was founded in 2002.

Asbeko Air does not list our completed projects because the list would simply be too long.

Here are some important aspects to help you choose a ventilation cleaning partner.

  • Asbeko Air is a founding member of the NGO Ventilation Cleaners Association.
  • Asbeko Air is a partner of the Rescue Board. Over the years, we have done a lot of clean-up work with the Rescue Department. We have repeatedly trained monitoring officers. In cooperation with the Rescue Board, we have developed a code of good practice for cleaning ventilation systems..
  • Asbeko Air is a partner of the Association of Insurance Companies and we have shared information with insurance companies to help them organise better and more efficient supervision.
  • Highest turnover in ventilation cleaning services in Estonia.
  • The highest paying company for labour in ventilation cleaning.
  • The company with the largest number of employees in ventilation cleaning.
  • The most contracted partners in our area.
  • We have contractual partners in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • We have cleaned ventilation ducts in the Baltics, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands as well as repeatedly sailed with vessels in international waters during the cleaning.