Cleaning of flues in apartment houses

Cleaning of flues in apartment houses

In panel houses, the ventilation acts according to the laws of nature, where the warm air moves up, and the cold air is added through gaps in windows and doors.
The air flow is less efficient if sealed plastic windows and doors are used where the window gaps have been stuffed.
Nowadays, it is advisable to install the “FRESH” valves, if the above-mentioned activities have been performed.

Cleaning process

In order to clean the ventilation shafts, the ventilation shaft riser pipes should be opened on the roof. From the top, a steel cable with a rotating wire brush is allowed to fall down along the ventilation duct. While bringing the brush up, it starts operation to remove dirt. The procedure is repeated as long as the shaft is clean.
Since the natural ventilation has no cleaning openings, there are cleaning openings only on the roof and inside the apartment where the ventilation duct ends.
Hence, our urgent recommendation is to always clean the channel bottoms inside the apartments. Otherwise, we cannot grant a full ventilation cleaning work act.

Services offered for the cleaning of natural ventilation ducts:
  • Cleaning of natural ventilation ducts from roofs and apartments
  • Video surveillance of ventilation shafts
  • Clearing jams in ventilation shafts
  • Checking the draught in ventilation shafts
  • Mapping of ventilation shafts
  • Building of ventilation systems with heat recovery

Recommendations of the Rescue Board about the maintenance and cleaning of the ventilation system for the Client.