Mould damages can be dangerous to life!

How many of you are aware of the need for quick liquidation of water accidents, floods and fire fighting water? Are you aware that 24 h excessively moist (wet) environment creates already preconditions for the emergence of mould? Are you aware that nearly every material absorbs moisture (also concrete). We possess the equipment and expertise for eradicating this problem and for its later processing. Water accidents and use of fire extinguishing water pose especially big threat for wooden houses and structures. Many species of mould are threatening for human health!
We perform damage liquidation and post-processing in case of water accidents, floods and damages caused by the use of fire extinguishing water. When ordering services from us, you will quickly and cheaply ensure for yourself dry and damage-free surfaces.

The removal of mould damage requires:
· special skills for moisture removal services and mould damage liquidation works.
· modern techniques of for drying and mould damage liquidation works in buildings.

Expected works are:
· identification of the moisture source
· liquidation of the moisture source
· identification and mapping of the mould
· removal of mould
· proper cleaning and disinfection after mould liquidation works
· drying of rooms
· cleaning/disinfection of ventilation

Recommendations of the Rescue Board about the maintenance and cleaning of the ventilation system for the Client.