Oxidation taking place by means of air and ventilation is often not fast enough for the removal of odours and effective enough to destroy the odour permanently. Especially when it deals with cleaning taking place after accident or damage. Therefore, rapidly acting chemical odour removal aids are used.

Particularly sensitive to oxidation are sulphur-containing (rotten smell), nitrogen-containing (fishy odour) and phenol-containing (smoke odour) organic compounds.

Work safety and performance are guaranteed by the substances designed for the disinfection. Depending on the nature of the work, there are many different substances available. Mainly biologically active ingredients are used. The effect of more specific substances is based on hydrogen peroxide, which oxidizes and kills microorganisms.
By spraying the particles causing odour are “washed” away from the air. Aerosol drops act directly in the air, and a thin, invisible film forming on surfaces will bind malodorous molecules. Effective methods for processing the surfaces damaged by microbes will guarantee the penetration of substances into the smallest pores.

LIFA ALRON product series odour removal substances also contain an agent that neutralizes and converts malicious odour (neutral, lemon, pine, apple).

Thanks to the expansion of the selection of disinfecting agents, the given field has found an irreplaceable application for the solution of any problem caused by odour).

Disinfection is used to eliminate the smell of fumes after the fire. In rooms where cigarette scent has remained as a result of constant smoking. Disinfection for repelling microbes (to remove odours) can be performed in schools, in homes, in offices or in places where special hygiene is expected. Such as hospitals, professional kitchens and changing rooms, washing and training rooms, as well as unpleasant odours caused by domestic animals.

Disinfection will satisfy even the most demanding customer needs as the ultimate result is a clean and pleasant air in the office, at home and in public buildings.

Recommendations of the Rescue Board about the maintenance and cleaning of the ventilation system for the Client.